Hard work -the road to for success

Susan Nemadziva commended the work being done by Hand in Hand Zimbabwe (HHZ) as it greatly changed her life from being an ordinary person to a well-respected woman in Chikomba community.

The 53-year-old woman’s journey to self-sustenance began when she joined Simukai self-help group in 2016. Susan enhanced her poultry enterprise and started a horticultural garden. The woman is industrious, always on her feet to achieve what she wants.

After going through business training courtesy of HHZ, her poultry business greatly expanded. She started by keeping indigenous chickens after borrowing money from group savings. Her enterprise yielded positive results to the extent of managing two batches of 25 birds per month. From a batch of 25, she expanded to a batch of 50 broilers per month. Susan supplies a bigger number of her chickens to Chikurubi Maximum Prison and a few locally.

Due to good management and access to loans from the group, she has also managed to venture into horticulture using drip irrigation. Susan has 7 700 plants of potatoes.

All these projects are a success due to internal savings and lending concepts as well as the knowledge which she acquired from HHZ. Now, Susan can afford to pay school fees for her children and her daily needs are being met because of the success of her projects

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