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2, 045 Self-Help Groups

2, 045 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) mobilized and trained between July 2015 and November 2020. Members learn financial discipline and receive business training.


18, 267 Members Trained

18, 267 (14, 683 women and 3, 583 men) mobilized and trained as Self-Help Groups to November 2020. Members undergo a comprehensive six modular training and receive certification upon completion. Members receive targeted technical trainings in line with their enterprises.


10, 884 Enterprises Created

10, 884 individual enterprises created and or enhanced. Our entrepreneurs farm crops, manufacture goods, run shops and so much more. Members are linked to markets through field days, market fairs and exhibitions. Members also access micro-loans to enhance their businesses.


14, 000 Jobs Created

13,187 individual jobs created to date. Our entrepreneurs make their own success, breaking the cycle of dependency