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The Jobs For Zimbabwe Project

The Jobs for Zimbabwe project aim to improve sustainable household economy for the target population including women and youth.

The project was implemented after realizing that Women in Chirumanzu who play a pivotal role in fending for the families have low educational levels, lack adequate entrepreneurial skills and technical skills, have no financial support and those that attempt to start-up micro-enterprises have no access to lucrative markets and/or micro-finance.

It was observed that their vulnerability was further exacerbated by the unabated closure of industries, which has resulted in high unemployment rates and poverty levels.

To improve a sustainable economy for the populace through this project Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, takes up a 4-step model consisting of social mobilisation into self-help groups (SHGs), training in entrepreneurship and economic development, facilitating access to internal and external microloan schemes, market linkage and value addition and technical, gender and environmental trainings in collaboration with various government line ministries and local authorities.

To ensure that the overall objective and the main outcomes are achieved, aspiring SHG members are mobilised into SHGs that range from 6 to 20 members and undergo an intensive six (6) modular training program culminating in graduation and issuance of a certificate. The SHG concept is important for fostering SHG cohesion and sharing ideas among the members. The modular trainings play a pivotal role of honing business acumen among the women and youth.