Hand in Hand Zimbabwe business trainings bearing fruits

Chisungo SHG is a group of eight vibrant and energetic women found in the epicenter of Ward 6, Manyene South, Chikomba district.

The group joined Hand in Hand Zimbabwe on 24 April 2021 and received entrepreneurship training and skills.

Through the entrepreneurship training received from Hand in Hand, the group started internal savings and lending (ISALs) scheme, one of the cheapest sources of income for rural entrepreneurs to finance their projects.

They started contributing US$5 monthly towards ISAL.

Currently, the group has US$200 which members have started borrowing to start individual enterprises, mainly in buying and selling in a bid to fend for their families.

From the proceeds they get from their enterprises, the members are now able to repay their loans from the ISALs, provide food for their families and pay school fees.

They are no longer relying on their husbands for survival.

“Since joining Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, we are witnessing changes within our lives and livelihoods as we can now fend for our families without much dependency on our husbands.  Hand in Hand Zimbabwe has empowered us through its business training by teaching us how to fish and move away from the dependency syndrome,” group chairperson Stabile Lunga, said.

By pooling financial resources together and sharing ideas, the group is now into poultry production as a group project to support their individual enterprises.

The group is now earning extra income from the sale of broiler chickens.

They kick-started their group project with a batch of 25 broilers which they are selling at US$6 each in the local area.

The group is aiming to support the local area with bigger broilers of good quality.

Currently, Chisungo SHG members have a batch of 25 broilers ready for the market and have booked another batch of 25 broilers

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