Hands On! In entrepreneurship, age is but a number that carries no weight

ONE of the first steps to being a successful entrepreneur is forgetting your age and pursuing your vision and goals.

In entrepreneurship, age carries no weight as the real weight lies in working with your hands to live a better life and leave a great mark in your community.

A remarkable success story is that of a 54-year-old Josephine Ncube, a member of Kuthula B SHG who resides in Tshankwa, Ward 1, Bulilima district.

In 2014, Josephine was introduced to Hand in Hand Zimbabwe and since then, she has been hands-on, working hard on her own individual enterprise, the pottery business.

She expertly and beautifully crafts cooking pots, eco-stoves, decorative vases.

Josephine stays in a household of 17 members, including 11 children, and she is using her enterprise to provide for them. She has been consistent and thus, in a week she crafts an average of 140 ornaments.

On a weekly basis, this goal-driven woman travels to Plumtree town to market her products, making about R4 000 per month from the sales.

Even more enlightening in her journey since 2014 is how she has managed to dig her own well, built a dura-wall and a family house.

“I am so glad; I had the chance to receive training from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. My life is so much easier now. At my age, I am happy, stronger, independent and taking care of my own home. I am encouraging women out there to work with their own hands and better their own lives and families too,” she said.

Indeed, age is but a number and Josephine’s hands-on success story inspires the aspiring businesswomen out there.

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