Lewis Matanga the pig breeder

53-year-old Lucas Matanga from Chirumhanzu district has turned his misfortune into fortune through establishing a lucrative enterprise that specialises in breeding pigs for sale.

Though the enterprise is in its infant stages it shows so much potential.

The 53-year-old moved back to his home town in ward 11 after he was retrenched from his former job.

“Being the man of the house is tough. You have to find ways of getting an income as well as provide for the family.

“When I lost my job I did not know where to start. I tried to initiate various projects but to no avail as they all crumbled and collapsed,” he said.

In March 2020 Matanga, came into contact with Hand in hand and established a Self-Help Group (SHG) called Highlands 2 Pacesetters. After receiving entrepreneurial trainings, Matanga realised some of the challenges he faced with his previous enterprises and he was determined to address them and do better. Some of the challenges included poor management of finances and the business on its own.  At the same time the group was encouraged to begin their internal savings and lending which helped group members establish their individual enterprises.

Matanga, borrowed money from their internal savings and lending and ventured into piggery project with his wife Tambudzai (50).

In December 2020, Matanga went on to purchase 4 pigs. The main purpose of his investment was to create an income generating project that would sustain him and his family.  After being trained on the characteristics of an entrepreneur, Matanga went on to research more about pig management and that information has been very helpful.

Currently the 4 pigs are pregnant and are expected to deliver at least 10 piglets which when mature will be sold at USD50 each.

Through this enterprise, Matanga is confident that he will receive enough income to take care of his family and expand his enterprise.

“I’m grateful for the training I received from Hand in Hand, and am not going to stop at anything for I know am capable. I am glad to have come across Hand in Hand Zimbabwe and I hope they continue working with us and supporting our community,” he said.

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