Broiler production-Poverty Relief Strategy for Mabugu-A SHG

Mabugu A, a result oriented Self Help Group (SHG) in Gwanda district has ventured into Broiler Production as a strategy towards alleviating poverty.

The group which has 10 members (08 females and 02 males) from Ngoma Village in Ward 20 of Gwanda was formed in February 2021 under the mentorship of Hand in Hand Zimbabwe (HIHZ).

The group which now saves USD $3 per member/month with a 20% borrowing monthly interest rate previously struggled to make the ends meet in the semi-arid region and had narrowed knowledge on entrepreneurship.

“We used to stay in misery, with no business opportunity identification skills for long” said one of the Mabugu-A SHG members.

Having received technical knowledge and skills on business management and broiler production from HIHZ, the group has transformed for the better.

Mabugu A- farmers receiving coaching and mentoring on broiler poultry production from AGRITEX extension officer

“After joining HIHZ our poultry project moved to greater heights, we noted consistence in our supplies and improved incomes that enabled us to cover for our household needs” said the SHG Chairperson – Misheck Ngwenya.

Some of Mabugu A members feeding their broilers

The group currently supplies broilers to Shanyawugwe, Ngoma and Manama Business Centres and has been able to pocket between USD $166 – $333 on monthly basis as broiler poultry income. Using the profits, Mabugu-A has diversified into Sasso poultry in bid to meet the high market demand.

Mabugu A farmers showcasing their Sasso poultry

Apart from poultry production, the group recently joined hands with other two groups found within the community to form a Business Cluster specialising on horticulture cropping.

Farmers partaking in a Cluster horticulture garden

In their future plans Mabugu A farmers revealed that they want to penetrate markets in Gwanda town beginning of year 2022.

The SHG appreciates and extended its gratitude to HHIZ for mentoring them in entrepreneurship and wishes that such knowledge may be imparted across the whole community.

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