Tapiwa Musenzo- a tailor in the making

Tapiwa Musenzo is a determined hardworking woman whose aim is to  eradicate poverty in her household through her tailoring business. The 44-year-old from Ifafa village in ward 22, Shurugwi district.

Although Tapiwa, had a tailoring business, she struggled to generate enough income to support her family needs.

Her fortunes however when she met Hand in Hand Zimbabwe who gladly welcomed her as one of entrepreneurs the organisation supports.

The enthusiastic lady took part in the entrepreneurial trainings which helped boost her confidence towards aiming higher in her business.

“The training I received taught me how to budget and plan for my business, persistent, marketing techniques, and lastly the importance of record keeping”.

I now write down every single thing that is going on with my business from expenditure to profit. All this I learnt during my trainings with Hand in Hand. I now understand when my business is benefiting me and when it’s not.

“After the training I felt confident enough to approach a school and offer them my services and I was asked to sew netball uniform for the girl’s team. To date I realise at least USD 40.00 per month from my enterprise. I am now able to take care of my family and pay their tuition,” he said.   

Tapiwa is determined to provide her family with a comfortable life. As a result, she decided to diversify into poultry business. She recently purchased 100 sasso chickens. This way she can have different enterprises running and she is guaranteed to have an income that is sustainable for her.

“My poultry business is there to cushion my income and help me raise capital to purchase two new sewing machines for my tailoring business. I intend to grow my business and employ people to work as I seek for more sewing opportunities,” she said.

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