Gracious: A rising star in entrepreneurship

Beatrice is a 35-year-old Motivated and Entrepreneurial Youth who joined Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in July 2020 and started internal savings and lending with her fellow group members.

With the club members saving USD$10 per month with an interest of 20%, she then took the opportunity to enhance her existing enterprise on vending.

“I am very grateful for the trainings that we received from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe.

“With the harsh economic situation l had an obligation of -assisting my husband to take care of our two young children” she said.

She completed her six-month modular training program on motivation, entrepreneurship, and health from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. The modular trainings made an impact on her enterprise as she claims that she was enlightened to run her small vending business wisely. “I was motivated and myself esteem was boosted through motivation trainings that l received. Instead of looking down upon myself l now value myself as well as the people around me.”  Beatrice said.

Beatrice has a vending enterprise she is currently running and she sells a variety of products which include drinks 500ml, stationary, tomatoes, leafy vegetables, biscuits and sweets. She realizes an average of USD$20 per day from her enterprise.

Before she joined HiHZim, she could not calculate her cash flow and she had challenges in running her enterprise. The 35-year-old now practices good record keeping in her business.

“Before joining Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, l had an enterprise which l was running but l could not tell if l was making a profit or not because of my limited knowledge in business management and record keeping.

 “The trainings l received helped me become a healthy motivated entrepreneur. With the habit of saving money l was able to grow my business and now l can afford to help my husband take care of our children. We are now able to provide 3 meals a day. We intend to buy a residential stand so we are on waiting list for residential stand at the rural district council,” she concluded.

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