Elizabeth’s road to financial freedom

Despite the harsh effects of the economic decline, 34-year-old Elizabeth Mdhuviza from ward 25, Chirumhanzu District has become economically resilient through her broiler production enterprise

After the death of my husband it was my responsibility to ensure that my family was well taken care of. The unfortunate part was my in-laws did not approve of a woman owning a business they beliefs that it was a cover-up for waywardness. This resulted in lesser chances of food security and failure to pay tuition for my two daughters. As a desperate mother, I had to settle for piece jobs to care for my family but the money I obtained from there was not enough to fend for my family.” quoted Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s life was elevated when she came in contact with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in September 2020, through Sunshine star club. The star club comprises of 9 female members and these young ladies save USD 5.00 a month. Sunshine star club went through entrepreneurial, motivation, gender and health trainings. The trainings helped transform the 34-year old’s life as she was able to take charge of her life, by sitting with her in-laws and make them understand her dreams and goals.  After going on for a while the family later understood how they were depriving Elizabeth and her daughters a chance to a better life, which led to them approving her to start a business.

I borrowed USD$150 from my group and I added USD$100 that I had saved and started a broiler enterprise with 100 birds in 4 batches of 25birds. This was easy for me because we used to do broiler production together with my husband before he died.

Elizabeth sells an average of 10 birds per week at a cost of USD$7 and gets USD$280 per month which is enough to care for her family. “Per month I get an average of USD$280 because on average I sell 10 birds per week at USD$7.

“The enterprise is doing well because of mentorship and coaching we get from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. More so, we use straight feed to produce quality birds which attracts the customers and I use good promotions strategies when selling which makes people attracted to the enterprise. I have built my 3 roomed house with the savings from the enterprise.

“My business is able to pay fees for my children and afford three meals in a day which are nutritious

‘I take pride in the efforts made by Hand in Hand Zimbabwe to mould me, as I am now a strong and empowered woman who can feed herself. From being a poor widow and a mother with no source of income to being an empowered and successful entrepreneur. My wish is for Hand in Hand Zimbabwe to empower more young women trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty so that they can fend for themselves and their children’ She said.  

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