Couple establishes lucrative enterprises

Meet Misani and Tshidzanani Moyo, a hard -working, dedicated and business oriented couple from Tjontala village in Bulilima district. The two have successfully established three income generating projects with the help of Hand in Hand Zimbabwe.

When the two joined Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in 2017, they went through eye opening business trainings and joined Butjilogwedu Self Help Group.

The business trainings enabled them to start a number of enterprises which have greatly aided them in their day to day lives. Their enterprises include brick-molding, tree nursery, sweet potato and maize production.

The couple makes a profit of USD$200 per month from their sweet potato and maize production enterprise since they sell both green mealies and grain. They also sell trees from their tree nursery for USD$1.50 each and they make an average of USD$30-$40 per month. Their brick molding has also proved to be lucrative as each brick costs USD$0.55 culminating to average sales of up to of $160 per month.

All these earnings have enabled them to take care of their seven (7) children and grandchildren as they can now afford pay for their school fees and supply their basic needs.

We are happy that we now have multiple streams of income to help us carter for our our daily needs,”Misani said.


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