Two steps forward for woman in four enterprises.


                                                                                     (Taboka Dlamini showcasing her work during an exhibition )

Taboka Dlamini, a 54-year-old widow from Sizeze village, ward 8 of Gwanda rural, faced numerous challenges before joining Hand in Hand Zimbabwe (HIHZ) in February 2021. The mother of three children aged 8, 13, and 7 struggled to support her family ‘s needs and relied largely on her late husband’s income.

Before Taboka Dlamini’s involvement with HIHZ, her family survived on a monthly income of USD $300. This amount was derived from her casual jobs and her late husband’s earnings. The loss of her husband in 2022 , not only left an emotional void but also created financial instability for the family.


Upon joining HIHZ under the Jobs Creation Project and becoming a member of Zenzeleni Self Help Group, Taboka Dlamini experienced a significant positive transformation in various aspects of her life. She received comprehensive training, coaching, and mentoring on entrepreneurship, gender equality, environmental issues, leadership skills, self-motivation, and self-respect. Additionally, she engaged in activities related to broiler and Sasso poultry production ,which propelled her to keep 100 broiler chickens and 100 Sasso .


Through the support provided by HIHZ, Taboka Dlamini was able to enhance her entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. The training sessions equipped her with the necessary tools to navigate the business world effectively. Moreover, she gained insights into gender dynamics within entrepreneurship and acquired leadership capabilities that empowered her to make informed decisions for herself and her family.

              (Zenzeleni SHG during a workshop in Gwanda)

Through the trainings received Taboka and her colleagues from Zenzeleni SHGs started engaging on Internal Savings & Lending (ISALs) of USD $7 every month per member with a borrowing interest rate of 20%. Not only did the trainings help Taboka through ISALs but upon receiving trainings she established a range of income generating projects which include making beaded hand bags, grocery retailing, broiler & sasso poultry production.

Through her four enterprises her  take-home income is USD $650 per month, which she utilizes to support her family and invest in improving her living conditions. Taboka serves different markets with specific products. For instance, she notes that Sasso and Broiler poultry are in high demand in Gwanda Town butcheries and restaurants. This indicates that she has identified a niche market for these products.

In contrast,her grocery retailing caters to the locals of Sizeze community, showcasing her adaptability to varying customer needs.She also supplies beaded handbags to customers in South Africa through cross-border couriers. These bags are popular not only in South Africa but also in Gwanda Mines and Gwanda Town.

Taboka leverages electronic platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook for advertising when  selling her products. This demonstrates her embrace of technology to reach a wider audience and drive sales.As the head of her family, Taboka uses the returns from her businesses to provide for her children’s needs. This showcases her commitment to using her income responsibly.


She has invested in solar power for her homestead, indicating a focus on sustainability and cost-saving measures. Additionally, she is working on completing a 4-roomed house, showing long-term financial planning and investment in property.

Mrs. Dlamini mentions that ad hoc market arrangements pose a challenge as she relies on spot markets, limiting her ability to negotiate better prices for her products but however highlights that a stable market will ensure sustainable business growth.

Taboka’s diversified business ventures, strategic marketing approach, responsible financial management, and long-term investment goals reflect a well-rounded entrepreneurial mindset aimed at supporting her family and achieving personal development.

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