Members of progressive garden

Swedish Delegation visits Hand in Hand Zimbabwe to assess progress and impact on community projects




Members of progressive garden                                           (Members of the Progressive Garden pose for a photo during the Swedish delegation visit)

On 16 October 2023, Hand in Hand Zimbabwe hosted Hand in Hand Sweden delegation of Jason Vogt, Anna Lyckeld, and Goran Forssen on an annual technical visit that includes assessing, programming, and financial systems and the impact of projects that HiH Sweden helped for fundraise.

The visit aimed to provide insights into the project’s implementation and firsthand information on successes made, the challenges, and the impact of their contribution to strengthening livelihoods in Zimbabwe’s rural communities.


 (Left: Accelerator poses for a photo in her retail enterprise. Right: A member of Matshena Garden makes a demonstration while in their broiler house.)


The team had the opportunity to interact with the HiH Zim staff and beneficiaries of the projects, witnessing how their support has positively impacted and transformed lives.


(Left: Accelerator poses for a picture in her workstation. Right: Another accelerator poses while she points to her line of work.)

The visit was a success and instrumental in helping the delegates understand and appreciate the progress, challenges, and achievements of the project. Acknowledging and impressed with the visit, the team, expressed their gratitude for all the information and interactions availed, as this gave them a better understanding of the project.

                             (Macheso an accelerator together with her husband poses for a photo while in their field explaining                                                                                                                                          how their enterprise is performing.)

They thanked the HiH Zim staff for all the hard work and collaboration to maximize the impact and support towards strengthening beneficiaries of the CUP and Accelerator project

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