Sustainable Goat Pass-on Model through the Community Upliftment Project

Batanai Self Help Group is a 10-member group from ward 16 in Chirumanzu District, Zimbabwe. In 2022, Batanai SHG received support from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe under the Community Upliftment Project. This support included the purchase of 27 female goats and 2 male goats (Kalahari and Boer breed)for the group. Additionally, Hand in Hand Zimbabwe provided training to the group members on goat rearing practices, such as constructing suitable housing for the goats, administering vaccinations, and treating illnesses with the assistance of stakeholders like Agritex and Vet.


                                                                       (Part of the goats Hand in Hand Zimbabwe supported Batanai SHG with.)

Following the training and support received, Batanai SHG successfully built a goat house to accommodate the 29 goats they initially acquired. Over time, the goats reproduced, leading to an increase in their herd size to a total of 55 goats. The income generated from goat rearing has enabled the group members to contribute $10 per month through ISALs (Income Savings and Lending) towards sending their children to school and providing food for their families.

        (A member of Batanai demonstrating how they calculate goat body weight as this is crucial when they want to sell it .)

Looking ahead, Batanai Self Help Group aims to pass on 29 goats to another group as part of a sustainable pass-on model. Additionally, they plan to sell 26 goats to generate income that can be used to support other groups that are at earlier stages of development or have not yet started similar initiatives.

Hand in Hand Zimbabwe is working with communities in different districts through starting and strengthening enterprises in an effort to break the cycle of poverty through sustainable entrepreneurship

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