Reusable sanitary pads for rural girls

We recently received 200 reusable sanitary pads from Vichelles Feminine. The special consignment will go a long way in aiding the rural girls we support with basic sanitary hygiene.

Hand in Hand Zimbabwe supports in-school and out-of-school youth under its Motivated and Entrepreneurial Project and the STRENGTH in Children project.

Through these projects we aim to promote health and hygiene amongst the rural youth through providing sanitation facilities such as toilets, access to clean water and knowledge on hygiene.

Most rural households live on less than a dollar a day, making it hard for the girl child to access basic sanitary wear. In some instances, the girls are forced to use cow dung, leaves, newspapers, and clothes to manage their periods.

According to the Ministry of Women Affairs, 62% of rural girls miss school during menstruation due to a lack of access to sanitary products and clean sanitation facilities.

Our CEO Mr Felix Tete handing over the box of sanitary pads from Vichelle Feminine to our Youth Project Coordinator Hazel Mhembere   

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