Power Woman: Resilient, Adaptive and keen Entrepreneurial spirit.

                                                                                     (Petronellah Sibanda in her general dealer shop)

Meet Petronellah Sibanda (38) from ward 22  ,Sindiso village in Bulilima District. Her entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the transformative power of tailored business trainings and support provided by Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. Her story showcases how access to resources, knowledge and mentorship can empower individuals to unlock their potential and create sustainable businesses.

In 2021, Petronellah Sibanda, joined Budamuhalima Self Help Group under Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s Jobs Creation Programme. This initiative played a crucial role in Petronellah ‘s life   through empowerment in entrepreneurial skills, mentorship, coaching and support to kickstart her  business venture.

“When l joined the self help group in 2021,l had no business skill .I was used to my housewife roles and depended more on my husband who was  working part-time jobs in South Africa. My husband could hardly meet our basic needs ,paying school fees on time and affording us decent meals was a challenge .

“A friend introduced me to the self help group  .I got trained in entrepreneurial skills and this prompted me to start baking scones and selling to the community ’,said Petronellah.

These trainings played a pivotal role in unlocking her enterprising potential and instilling confidence in her ability to venture into a sustainable business. Mrs. Petronellah Sibanda identified a significant gap in the baking industry within her community. Leveraging this opportunity, she established a baking enterprise that not only catered to the local demand but also helped alleviate the financial burden on her family.

“When l started baking ,l would bake 50 scones per day but now l can bake over 200 scones. I sell each scone at $0.20c and make approximately $600 per month from selling scones. My husband through seeing my business growing encouraged me to build a grocery  shop at our business centre. The grocery enterprise has also transformed our lives as we are now able to pay school fees on time and  pay for other household expenses.I feel empowered as a women and independent,said Petronellah.”

By tapping into this niche market, Mrs. Sibanda was able to generate income, contribute to her household finances, and create a sustainable source of revenue for her family.


Through  her baking enterprise, Mrs. Petronellah Sibanda diversified her business activities by engaging in buying and selling various goods at her general dealer shop located at Khame Business Centre. This diversification strategy not only allowed her to supplement her household income but also enabled her to expand her entrepreneurial endeavors and reach a wider customer base. By combining her baking business with retail operations, Mrs. Sibanda demonstrates resilience, adaptability, and a keen entrepreneurial spirit. She intends to employ three workers in the coming year as she envisions expansion.

The success of Mrs. Petronellah Sibanda’s entrepreneurial ventures has had a profound impact on her household dynamics. Previously reliant on remittances and groceries from her husband working in South Africa, Mrs. Sibanda’s newfound independence and financial stability has transformed her role from a traditional housewife to a successful businesswoman, contributing significantly to the family’s income generation efforts. The establishment of the general dealer shop stands as a tangible symbol and success in building a sustainable livelihood for their family.

Petronellah ‘s dream is to open a confectionery shop in different districts and a baking school in order to support women and young people in her community.

#Be part of her dream by supporting her.


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