Nyevero’s business breakthrough

In two (2) years, Nyevero Chiparo from Chikomba district has transitioned from earning a meager income to having a sustainable stream of revenue from her poultry production enterprise.

Her decision to join the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe Jobs Creation Project (JCP) has indeed been a game changer.

“The business trainings, I received from the organisation helped me to establish a viable business within a short period of time

“Before joining Hand in Hand Zimbabwe the money I received from my vending business was not enough to cater for my household needs so I needed a reliable source of income,” she said.

Nyevero Chiparo grading her eggs 

Nyevero’s life changing journey with HIHZim started in 2019 when she joined internal savings and lendings (ISALs) facilitated by a 12-member Self Help Group which contributed USD$20 per month.

The money she received from the ISALs enabled her to establish a poultry production business in 2020.

Although Nyevero started her enterprise with 100 layers, she now boasts of having 900 layers which produce 20 to 25 crates of eggs per day.

With daily sales of US $3.50 per crate, the enterprising woman gets an average income of USD$2000 per month and a profit of USD$800 after expenses. She supplies her eggs to clients in Chivhu, Mvuma and Harare.

In line with the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe jobs’creation model, she has also managed to employ 5 community members who help her with managing the enterprise.

“I can safely say that I am now financially independent as I can afford to feed myself and children throughout the year.

“I also get a balanced diet from some of the eggs I produce,” she said

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