Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in community empowerment drive

Meet Juliet Matange a 36-year-old mother of four from in Chirumanzu district. Juliet has successfully set up a lucrative broiler production project under the of the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe Community Upliftment Project (CUP).

“About 10 months ago, I relied on my unemployed husband who depended on piece jobs to provide for us as a family. This a took a huge toll on our finances and it weighed on my husband.

“The business development trainings from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe and the technical skills trainings I received from the department of AGRITEX helped me to create and sustain my enterprise. The knowledge also helped me to sail through the rainy season which usually contributes to a high rate of broiler mortalities.

Since the enterprise establishment, the young mother of four has been keeping batches of 50 broilers which she sells after every six weeks and secures an average income of USD$250.00 – USD$300.00. After settling all business expenses, she receives an average profit of USD$180.00. The profit has enabled her to cater for her family’s needs.

“Indeed Hand in Hand Zimbabwe is transforming livelihoods through business development and technical skills trainings.

Hand in Hand Zimbabwe encourages us to develop business plans so that we grow in business. Part of my business plan is to build a broiler coop so that I maximize production. I am almost done with my first broiler coop structure and it has the capacity of carrying 200 birds,” she.

The broiler coop that is under construction   






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