Chirumanzu SHG ventures into goat rearing

Star Self Help Group (SHG) from Ward 8, Chirumanzu district is benefiting immensely from its goat rearing business which they established in March 2022.

The 10-member group say they chose a goat rearing enterprise as a means of reducing land tillage which contributed to the silting of a nearby dam in their community.

Setting up their enterprise involved clearing a piece of land, fencing it and drilling a solar powered borehole to provide water for their goats and a vegetable garden.

Each member then contributed a goat each towards the project and members promptly started their project .

After successfully setting up their enterprises, members testify to the fact that their lives have completely changed for the better as they can now afford to take care of their families.

To date, the group has thirty (30) goats. They previously sold nine (9) goats to local buyers and received USD$360. Their production plan is to have 200 goats by the end of 2023 and sell at least 20 goats per month at USD$40 each.

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