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Women and Youth Empowerment

Women Empowerment: Hand in Hand Zimbabwe values the empowerment of women and youth. In its community support interventions, the organization has made it deliberate to support 80% women and a cumulative 20% youth. It is the organization’s belief that targeting women ensures attainment of sustainable development.  The fact that women are overburden with work and do not have power and influence, their lives, health and well-being are threatened. There is it the organization’s endeavor to improve the status of women so that their decision making capacities at all levels and all issues of life are improved. 

Youth Empowerment: The organization envisages Turning Dreams and Aspirations of Zimbabwean Youth into Reality in a Challenging Macro-Economic Environment”. This is realized through taking the youth in a processes that makes them envision a future they desire through setting themselves goals and targets, increased motivation for a better health, to take risks and bringing innovativeness in new economic opportunities. The organization mobilizes youth into Junior and Star Clubs and offers customized training on motivation, health and entrepreneurship development, support for income generating activities and mainstreaming of cross cutting issues such as gender and environment.  The youth empowerment drive has an in-school and out- of school approach. The training of leaners takes place within the current framework of the school structure on club days.  When youth are empowered, a better community and better tomorrow are created thus standard of living for the people are elevated.

The organization’s interventions address relevant issues such as (i) lack of job opportunities for out of school youth living in rural areas, (ii) internal mobility from rural to urban areas, (iii) lack of perspectives and self-confidence for in-school youth at the end of their education, (iv) high incidences of early pregnancies, (v) early marriages, (vi) abuse of illicit substances and (vii) lack of awareness on health related issues.

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