Blink Water Star Club, the fish farmers

The Motivated and Entrepreneurial Youth (MEY) Blink Water Star Club has successfully set up a Fish farming business in Chirumanzu which will see them selling over 500 fish per month and making profit of up to $2,500 once they link to the right markets. 

Aquaculture is gaining momentum in Zimbabwe as there is a huge demand for fish due to the high cost of other meat products. 

The group was formed last year after receiving training on Motivation, Health and Entrepreneurship and is made up of six (6) members which consist of two (2) males and four (4) females whose age range is 18-25 years. 

The star club started its Internal Savings and Lendings (ISAL)s in the month of December 2018 and they have been saving $5 since thenTo date the group has acquired $143 which they say will contribute to the further growth of their business. 

When the project was first implemented the group invested $781 worth of capital which they borrowed from the group’s chairperson.  

They bought 300 fish, pond construction materials and fish feed to kick-start their enterprise 


The group has different varieties of fish which include tilapia, catfish and sardines. Currently the fish sizes range from fingerling, juveniles and above palm size. 

The group believes they now have over 1000 fish from the time they started in December but have not started selling their stock as they are still trying to link to markets. 

The chairperson of the Group, Tasiso Munyemba said the star club members are grateful for the knowledge they have gained from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. 

Blink water star club greatly appreciates all the knowledge and support they have got since the beginning of their interaction with the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe team. 

Besides the group enterprise the group members also have their own individual enterprises supported by the organisation and this has helped each individual earn a decent living,” she said. 

She said part of the first sales which they project to be $2,500 will contribute towards paying her $781 which she borrowed the group to start the business.  


The start club plans on building more fish ponds on top of the three they already have and strive to be the best fish farmers in the Midlands province.  

We dream of opening a fish outlet along the Harare to Beit Bridge high way route where we are bound to get ample sales,” Munyemba said. 

Tasi said the only limit to the growth of their business is security as some of their fish were stolen in March. 

“We do not have any source of income to help fence our fish pond and this is a major security threat,” she said.