Muchaneta Dzinobaya

I am Muchaneta Dzinobaya, a 38-year-old mother of three from Donga Village in Shurugwi Rural District.

In 2021, I  joined Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s self-help group (Shooting Stars) through the MEY (Motivated & Entrepreneural Youth) project. Under the group, I  received six  modular trainings on business development, which inspired me  to start a small business. Through the Internal Saving and Lending (ISALs) scheme under the Shooting Stars SHG contributing USD 10 per month as a group, I established a micro business shop in her township with limited stocks.

In August 2023, l received a loan from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s Accelerator project, which enabled me   to expand my business by opening two additional shops—a grocery shop and a hardware store. By reinvesting the loan into my business, l  was able to quickly stock the new shops with products purchased from wholesale suppliers in a nearby town. The strategic placement of the new shops, with the grocery shop located a few kilometres down the road and the hardware store adjacent to her first grocery shop, allowed me to cater to a wider customer base. I  have managed to employ two full time staff to manage my other shops hence creating job opportunities for my communities.

Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s accelerator project is assisting us entreprenuers through  providing  financial support and business trainings .