Zwalithombo SHG successfully establishes income generating enterprises

Zwalithombo Self Help Group has cast its net deeper into business by venturing on various income generation projects in Ward 20 Gwanda district -as a way of expanding their streams of income.

The 19-member group has successfully set up a horticultural garden, an apiary, a poultry project and rabbit production enterprise.

Plants in their horticultural include onion, tomatoes and wheat. The group also hypes on having a stock of 11 rabbits and 25 chickens.

Although they have already started selling tomatoes at ZAR100 per bucket, group members say they are yet to sell the rabbits and the chickens.

SHG members also plan to share profit from all their sales in December.

22-year-old Partricia Dube said although she is looking forward to receiving her share of the profit in December, she has greatly benefited from the group’s Internal Savings and Lendings (ISALs) where they lend each other money at a 10 percent interest per month.

“ISALs enabled me to boost my business and as a result “I’m enjoying financial freedom. I can now take care of my 2-year-old child, buy supplementary foodstuff and cater for household expenses,” she said.