Young woman ventures into poultry

30-year-old Chiedza Maparadze, from Zezai village in Chirumhanzu district is a proud beneficiary of the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe Motivated Entrepreneurial Youth (MEY) project.

Chiedza says the modular trainings she received from the organisation, enabled her to venture into poultry production in October 2021.

To date, she has 16 turkeys, 25 Boshveld, 26 Sasso and 33  indigenous chickens.

“I was a broiler producer for years but my venture flopped because of high production costs and lack of technical knowledge.

“After receiving trainings from HiHZim, I identified an opportunity in indigenous poultry production targeting the niche market of people with health concerns and I’m doing well,” she said.

Chiedza is looking forward to selling the first batch of her chickens in the upcoming month and hopes to get a sustainable income from her enterprise.

“My vision is to own a bigger piece of land where I can produce my own feeds, increase capacity and be a leading poultry producer.

I am grateful for the training I received from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. I now believe that anything is possible as long as I set my mind on it,” she said.

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