Children cheering in Kanchipuram, India

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Our Village Uplift Program attacks poverty on a community-wide scale, bringing Hand in Hand’s job creation model to hundreds of grassroots entrepreneurs at once. Created in India, where more than 180 villages have already been helped, the program launched in Kenya in early-2014.

Click below to follow villages in both countries as they move from subsistence to success.

"Village donations build a confidence that goes both ways: the villagers know that my support will last for two years – and personally, I hope to stay in touch for as long as I live. As the donor, I know that the program will really make people in the village self-sufficient. When they learn to manage money and run a business, they can help themselves, even when my financial support ends." Ulla Zachrisson | Hand in Hand supporter
"I know from experience that training the people of Kithimani in business skills will really empower them to see earning opportunities other than farming." Victor Ablonda | Village program officer | Machakos province, Kenya

Read village donor Ulla Zachrisson’s postcard from Vikrapandiam, India

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