Walter Madzivanyika sets eyes on broiler production business

59-year-old Walter Madzivanyika a member of Shingirirai Self Help Group (SHG) which is based in Chirumhanzu district, now earns a decent income from his broiler production business.

Through his Hand in Hand Zimbabwe supported enterprise, Walter is now able to provide for his family of six (6).

Walter grew up keeping indigenous chickens as a source of relish for his family. Little did he know he could extend his financial base through rearing broiler chickens as an enterprise.

“In my upbringing, I was told a business was for the elite people so I really did not ever consider being an entrepreneur,” he said.

Before Walter came in contact with Hand in Hand, he did not have the confidence to establish a business of his own. However, after becoming a member of Shingirirai SHG and going through the entrepreneurship trainings, he felt motivated enough to establish an enterprise of his own.

Walter was amongst the few SHG members that participated in a broiler production technical skills training that was facilitated by AGRITEX. The training included proper bed making, proper feeding and standard chicken coop. It was at that moment that Walter developed an interest in broilers production.

“With the motivation and business skills I received from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe I was confident in taking up the challenge since I did not know how to keep exotic chickens.

‘’I started with a single batch of 25 broilers and I have had successful net returns. However, I have encountered some hurdles which include the mortality of 10 chickens on the first batch. However, the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe team advised me not to give up. Right now I have two batches of 30 broilers that have a two weeks’ difference. This spacing of batches will help me supply my targeted market without fail. After I sell the batches I currently have, I am expecting net returns of usd$420

“I have been motivated by the trainings I received from Hand in Hand organisation through Community Upliftment Project and my wish is that the project is further funded so that it helps everyone in the district,” he said

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