Tino-A role model to other youth

Meet the 18-year-old motivated Tinotenda Marandure from ward 8 who left people speechless after her poem citation on how motivation and SRHR trainings have changed her to be a role model for other youths in her community. The 18-year-old is a member of Kuguta Kushanda star club that comprises of 7 females who are into broiler production. The star club is currently saving USD 5 per month.

Motivated and Entrepreneurial Youth star club member, explained how life motivation and sexual reproductive health information is helping change people’s lives, especially her own: “We have seen the lives of young people transformed thanks to the information that we received. Many youths in my community have changed their behaviours because they are now empowered with knowledge and most of them are making wise and different career choices. There is reduction in the negative behaviour and attitudes, I included.” Tinontenda said

Tinotenda is happy and proud to be part of a group that is helping build herself worth, confidence and instilling her with entrepreneurial mind-set. She also indicated that being part of a group has helped her keep her busy instead of being idle all day without anything productive to do with her time. The motivated 18-year-old alluded that being idle as a young adult would result in the engagement with peers that can influence negatively. She elaborated that some of the negative behaviours that youths engage in include crime, drug abuse and sexual promiscuity to mention but a few.

“My fellow youths admire me, as I am already realising income at such a young age and I am also responsible. Currently I am supplementing my subjects, I hope to further my education and I am saving my money from the income I get to make that dream possible. Every chance I get I encourage my friends to follow their dream and become better people. Hand in Hand trainings have empowered me and I wish to continue being a role model to young adults as it will make them realise that nothing is impossible as long as you set your mind on it.  Life is all about making the right choices as through the training I got from HiH I am bold enough to make choices that will give a better future.


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