The story behind Susan’s poultry production business

53-year-old Susan Nemadziva now supplies one of the biggest prisons in Zimbabwe with indigenous chickens and broilers thanks to the business development knowledge she acquired from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe.

Susan speaks so highly of Hand in Hand Zimbabwe (HiHZim) as she says the organization greatly changed her life from being an ordinary person to a well-respected woman in Chikomba district.

The 53-year-old woman’s journey to self-sustenance began when she joined Simukai Self-Help Group (SHG) in 2016. This life-changing opportunity enabled her to go through business trainings under the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe Jobs Creation Project (JCP).

After receiving the six (6) month-long business development trainings, the industrious woman decided to venture into poultry production.

Her enterprise yielded positive results and she went from managing a mere batch of 25 chickens to over 100 after every 6 weeks. As a result, she started supplying her broilers and indigenous chickens to a prison in Harare and just a few to the local market.

With part of her monthly profit which usually amounts to USD$300, Susan managed to buy inputs for a horticultural garden.

She currently has 7 700 plants of potatoes which she plans to sell once they are ready for the market.

To date, Susan can afford to pay school fees for her children and provide basic commodities because of the success of her projects.

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