Stella Tizirai is living proof that Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s poverty alleviation interventions are indeed beneficial to rural entrepreneurs, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 45-year-old woman from ward 22, Chirumhanzu district who runs a poultry enterprise has successfully sailed through all the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Stella Tizirai

Although her business was on the brink of collapse, the support she received from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe helped her business to stay afloat.

“When the nationwide lockdowns started, my poultry business did not do so well until I attended a Broiler Business Indaba organised by the Hand in Hand Chirumanzu District team in November 2020.

“The Indaba enabled me to connect with buyers from local stores and master the concept of price screening.

“The business links and the knowledge I received from the Indaba really helped me and as a result, my income doubled,” she said.

After the Indaba, Stella managed to sell 66 chickens to local shops in Chirumhanzu district- she had connected with at the business Indaba, earning a cumulative USD$408 from her sales.

From these sales, the hardworking woman managed to buy a  cow from Hozheri village for USD$400, as a way of converting her money into an asset.

Cow bought by Stella Tizirai

Stella currently has 30 sasso chickens and as part of her scaling up strategy, she is currently building a bigger foul run that will accommodate 200 chickens.

She is grateful for the business trainings she received from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe as they have changed her life for the better

“I have been able to buy a cow, an asset I have always wished for and never thought I would buy.

“The money I earned since I joined Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in March 2020 has also aided me in taking care of my family

“Thank you Hand in Hand Zimbabwe for the trainings and all your support,” she added.


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