Sabina’s story

63-year-old Sabina Matima, from Chirumhanzu district is happy with the progress she is making with her broiler production enterprise.

Sabina’s enterprise is a clear picture of gradual and consistent growth.

She started her broiler business with 25 broilers and her goal was to increase the number gradually.

Her business has done so well as she can now sell up to 40 chickens after 6 weeks.

“My 6 children who were based in South Africa came back home due to the unbearable working conditions they experienced. I can now take care of them through my broiler enterprise.

“My plan is to build a much better and bigger fowl run and become one of the best and well-known broiler producer in the district,” Sabina said.

Since Sabina was introduced to the AGRITEX officer in her ward she has been closely working with her to ensure that she produces the best quality broilers. Sabina continues to make use of the record-keeping and business marketing training she acquired from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe trainings.

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