Nkayi Self Help Group sets up a lucrative baking enterprise

The Hand in Hand Zimbabwe business modular trainings and the Market Linkages Project competition prize money have greatly aided Kukhanya Self Help Group members from Ward 22 Nkayi district in scaling up a lucrative baking enterprise.

From these notable interventions, the group which is made up of nineteen (19) women and one (1) man has successfully built a bakery and a kiosk for their baking business.


The group is enjoying brisk business as it has secured a market for is products at five schools, two stores and 50 households in Dandadema village.

Before meeting Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in 2017, group members say they were struggling to make ends meet as they lacked business acumen to run their individual enterprises and had no group enterprise.

After joining Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, the eager to learn group members, went through the organisation’s business modular trainings and various technical skills training for their individual enterprises. The group identified an opportunity for a baking enterprise in the community in which they established and further received a technical skills workshop on baking.

As the baking enterprise boomed, their business shrewdness captured the hearts of the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe Market Linkages Competition judges and the group was fortunate enough to win the second prize.

From the USD1000 prize money they won, the group received inputs such as building material and baking ingredients and this enabled them to build a bakery and a kiosk as compared to the earthen structures the group previously used.

The group members specialise in baking products such as plain buns, cream doughnuts with their best seller being bread. The group sales an average of 300 loaves of bread per week with a loaf selling for USD$0.50. The group realises an average of US$1000 per month from sales of all their products.

Members of the SHG pay themselves US$120 every quarter and this has greatly transformed their livelihoods

In an interview with a member, Joyce Dube said group members’ lives have improved for the better after receiving Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s support.

“Our lives have changed significantly; we are grateful for the support we have received from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe.

“Personally, the interventions have empowered me as I can now pay school fees for my grandchildren and provide other household essentials,” she said.

Although the COVID-19 epidemic has affected their business, group members say they remain hopeful that things will get back to normal soon.

The optimistic group has not stopped business operation as they still supply bread to the local community clientele.

Group members are also active members of an Internal Savings and Lending (ISAL) group and this has aided in sustaining their individual enterprises. They contribute US$3 per month to the group ISAL.


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