Mboma cluster makes great strides in peanut butter making business

After undergoing Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s modular training on Food processing and branding, Mboma cluster members from Bulilima District have mastered the art of packaging and branding their peanut butter product.

As a result of this, the 13-member group now boasts of increased sales and a bigger market base. ct

The group which was formed in October 2020 launched its peanut butter-making enterprise in June 2021 following a sensitization meeting conducted by Hand in Hand Zimbabwe (HiHZim).

In an interview recently, the Group’s Chairperson said members were motivated to start their enterprise after they received valuable lessons from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe on how to fight scarcity using local resources.

He said the HiHZim modular trainings, gave the group a third eye of seeing things (opportunity identification) as they were encouraged to utilise the local natural resources efficiently in creating enterprises.

To reduce the cost of production, the group members decided to grow their own peanuts.

Still in their mentorship journey with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, the group was taken through marketing trainings, which encompassed pricing, promotion, place and product. This enabled the group to penetrate internal and external markets which include community members, local stores and Bulawayo.

Since the product launch in June, they have managed to sell seventy-five (75) 375ml peanut butter bottles at ZAR25 each.

Although they haven’t started sharing the profits from their enterprise, the group members are confident that once they start sharing, the proceeds will help them meet their financial obligations.

At the moment, the cluster is working on acquiring a modern peanut butter grinding mill to improve production and quality.

The group also targets to extend its product line to include mealie meal.

The adage “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” resonates well with the group’s growth strategy.


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