Kgotso Garden project pays off

Kgotso Self Help Group members have successfully transformed a 40 x 30m piece of land in Mpaya Village, Gwanda District into a flourishing garden with the help of Hand in Hand Zimbabwe.
The 23 members, who previously struggled to earn a decent living in the region said their lives changed for the better after getting business training and technical support from HiH Zim in 2019- after which they decided to venture into horticulture.
The group’s blossoming garden has a variety of horticultural crops such as chomolia, onion, and tomatoes.
Although the group was originally formed in June 2019, members started planting in August 2019.
Within a short space of time, the group increased production and they started earning an income from their hard work. In 2019 alone, members say they sold 842 bundles of Chomolia which amounted to ZAR8420.
Group members indicated that they sell their tomatoes for ZAR80 per bucket/ ZAR10 per kg and Chomolia for ZAR10 per bundle.
They added that in 2020, they have so far sold produce worth ZAR1700 and on a good month they can sell up to 52 bundles per week to the local community and schools, who are their main market source.
One of the group members Rose Dube said the earnings from their horticultural venture have greatly changed her life for the better as she can now afford to pay school fees for her children and cater for other monetary responsibilities in her home.
She commended Hand in Hand Zimbabwe for the business training and guidance, citing that it greatly contributed to the growth of their enterprise and livelihood enhancement.
“We are really grateful for the help we received from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe and we would love to continue working with the organisation in expanding our business venture,” she said.