Ikusasa Lethu Self Help Group (SHG) on a mission to end poverty

Ikusasa Lethu Self Help Group (SHG) from Ward 16, Gwanda District has successfully unleashed their business potential into sheep production and baking, a move that’s set to improve their livelihoods.

The group which is made up of 8 members sprang into action after joining Hand in Hand Zimbabwe (HiHZim) in April 2019 following a sensitization meeting conducted by the organisation.

Shortly after joining the organisation, under the Jobs Creation Program (JCP), the group went through entrepreneurial skills training which aided them in opportunity identification hence their decision to venture in sheep production.

The group then pulled resources together which they used to buy 10 sheep. Members say they decided to venture in sheep production because sheep are easy to handle, generally require little input and are very profitable.

To date, the group has managed to sell two (2) sheep for ZAR400 to local buyers and currently has a stock of 27 which they plan on selling after 6 months to business centres and the local community.

After noting that sheep takes time to mature, the group decided to venture on a baking project which has impressively turned into a burgeoning enterprise in their ward due to demand of their baked products.

The group members mainly bake meat pies, rock buns and plain buns. Each rock bun ranges from a price of ZAR10-30 according to size while plain buns are ZAR20 for six (6) and meat pies are ZAR10 each.

Ikusasa Lethu have so far made ZAR1120 from their sales since May last year and have since used part of the money to buy an oven to increase production and meet market demand of their products

Group members said they are yet to get paid from their business ventures but have greatly benefited from Internal Savings and Lendings (ISALs) where they lend each other money at a 10 percent interest per month.

They noted that the ISALS have boosted their individual enterprises and improved their livelihoods.

They also commended Hand in Hand Zimbabwe for the business trainings, citing that the knowledge they received has transformed them into successful entrepreneurs.



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