Hand in Hand Zimbabwe participates at the U.S. Embassy’s 2022 Grant Signing Ceremony

On November 22, Hand in Hand Zimbabwe was privileged to participate at the U.S. Embassy’s 2022 Grant Signing Ceremony for the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) Program – to fortify our newly established partnership.

We are humbled to be part of the Zimbabwean civil society organizations benefiting from the U.S. Embassy’s Zimbabwe small grants program.  The program funds a variety of community-based agricultural, business, and health development projects across Zimbabwe each year.

The Embassy is funding Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s goat breeding project targeting Ngomambi Self Groups (SHGs) in Ward 5, Nkayi District, Matabeleland North Province

The funding will support several activities including procurement and placements of goats, veterinary start-up kits, building materials for improved goat housing, livestock (goat) technical skills training, and market linkages.

The intervention will support 200 smallholder farmers with 160 being women. However, more smallholder farmers are expected to benefit from the project beyond funding through the pass-on-the-gift approach.  Farmers who receive goat placements initially are expected to pass-on an equal number to the next farmers, as a result promoting a continual chain of giving and supporting the establishment of other goat farmers.  This will in turn improve sustainable economic activities for the target population.

Pics credit: U.S. Embassy Grant Signing Ceremony 22 November 2022

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