Changing The Mindset

Sizimisele, Qhubekeni and Kalutulutu are SHGs in Kana ward, Kana block area, Lupane. The groups are locat- ed in remote villages and very few development actors consider them in their development interventions particularly due to their geographical location and the bad roads. Such less involvement in develop- ment activities had led to people accepting their hopelessness situation. However, HIH Zimbabwe has been covering the area for the past two years. The three groups start- ed benefiting from the business manage- ment skills training from early 2016 and completed the course during the same year.


It is unquestionable that HIH Zimbabwe `s job creation program has changed the mindset of Kana block people. In 2016, the three groups organized a function where they shared kitchen utensils among them- selves which they had bought through their savings. The groups also managed to pre- pare for their successful and historic gradu- ation ceremony which was held on 20/06/2017.


The groups performed plays, songs and

testimonies to show how the program has assisted them. Their performances were a clear demonstration of how they are coming out of pov- erty. The function was at- tended by traditional leaders, com- munity members, youths and the satellite primary school. Groups representatives from Menyezwa Jotsholo also went to witness a dra- matic change of Kana block people`s mind set.


Most of the group members do farming, indigenous chickens pro- duction, buying and selling as their enterprises. They take advantage of the remote area where there are no shopping centers to make profit out of it. As evidence of changed mind- sets, when some community mem- bers heard that HIH will register more groups in the last half of 2017, they organized themselves into three SHGs and starting saving on their own. We have organized our- selves and have started saving already waiting for you to come and start giving us trainings and we are going forward,