Vision beyond eyesight

Whoever came with the old adage disability does not mean inability must have had Tiritose Self-Help Group in mind.

Located in the heart of Chikomba District, Tiritose consists of nine visually impaired individuals, four males and five females, who have refused to be bogged down by lack of eye-sight. In 2019 the group started $10 savings per person every week and used this to boost their individual enterprises and help those without business ideas to come up with one.

Through their consistent savings and hard work, the group ended up having an established market stall where they sell household commodities.

In the same year group members also decided to enhance their enterprise knowledge by forging alliances with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. The SHG underwent the HIH Zim’s Enterprise Development Modular trainings, which benefited them immensely as they realised growth in their business.

After a few months of savings, on the 8th of December, 2019 the group shared their savings for the year which had accumulated to ZWL$15000. This was after deducting expenses of coordinating an event which was graced by the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprise Development.

Having realised huge returns in 2019 the SHG began 2020 with the goal of reinvesting into their business which has resulted in Tiritose moving away from traditional way of savings to ISAL’s – a more modern and effective way of saving.

At the moment the SHG sets aside $100 each week, which is then reinvested into stock for their market. To tackle Zimbabwe’s currency crisis, the group converts their savings into South African Rands, which does not quickly depreciate like the local currency.

Such quick thinking strategy, at a time the Zimbabwean dollar is fast losing its value against major currencies, has helped the group to remain in business despite the current economic environment crisis.

The group’s immediate focus is not only to increase their stock and stay ahead of the worsening economic situation, but also to enhance members’ standards of living.

The SHG says its highly indebted to HiH Zim, for the valuable trainings and lessons.

Mr Tengede, a member of Tiritose, said he used mental and physical skills he got from HiH Zim to survive a difficult period in his life.

“My house and property were destroyed by heavy rains, which left me and my family vulnerable but from the group’s proceeds, I was able to construct a more permanent and strong structure,” he said.

“Vision is not only for the ones with sight, but for anyone who dares to dream,” Mr Tengende said.

Tiritose SHG is very grateful to HIH Zimbabwe for the organisation’s continuous moral and technical support.

“We hope to continue helping the disabled in our community and improve their lives through entrepreneurship activities. All things being equal, we would like to recruit more people so that our group can grow and impact society with much more sustained livelihoods,” Mr Tengende added.