Ruth Nyoni aged 50 is married to Titos Fundira 57 years old reside in Fundira village in ward 15 Shurugwi District 50km east of the scenic Shurugwi town. She was born and buttered in Shurugwi, she is a mother of 2 children and 6 grandchildren. Ruth Nyoni and her family were surviving on subsistence farming prior to meeting Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. As she was telling her story, she testifies that after her husband was retrenched from Zimsaco life was tougher at their homestead, so that they were not able to fend for the family to the extent of roaming around the community beggaring for food

She never thought of being recognised  in the community due to high poverty in her family, the turning point come after she met the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe team doing the sensitisation of the Self Help Group concept. She was impressed by the concept that she went and encouraged other member of their group in September 2015 to join the Hand in Hand. Their group consist of 5 females by the name Takabatana, which is saving $10 per month charging 10% interest.

Mrs Fundira and her family own 1 and half acres of land at the back of her yard but the land was underutilised due to poverty within the family.  After joining the Self Help Group and received training on opportunity identification that’s when she realised a great opportunity within the community and borrowed money from the group savings and start a business. She ventured into farming as a business which specialises in tomatoes production. Ruth and her family started by planting 200 plants of tomatoes at the back of their yard and they were using bucket system to water the garden.

From the proceeds of the business they managed to buy a submissive pump which helped them to increase their production to 1200 plants. She testified that coming of Hand in Hand trainings helped her a lot “Ndaiva chiseko chenyika ndichishaya chekudya asi iko zvino ndakukwanisa kutenga chikafu uye kubhadharira vazukuru kuenda kuchikoro zvandakatadza pavana vangu”.  She further alludes that trainings helped her to further take farming as a business as she is now able to calculate the profits and losses incurred in her business. As she narrates her story she mentioned that they were only 2 round huts at their homestead up to 2015, but now they own a three roomed house roofed with metal sheets. Ruth “I never thought of owning and sleeping in beautiful house, cause of the life we used to leave. Now we own three cattle, one in my name and all the members of Takabata own a cattle.”  Titos Fundira, Ruth’s husband had quoted saying “ I worked for 12 goods years but I failed to build a good house but with the help of this golden woman it only take less than to 2 years to own a beautiful house, shuwa musha mukadzi


Ruth and her husband had great future plans as they anticipates to have a 1000 litre tank in their garden so that they do away with the bucket system which is labourers. She also appreciate the value addition training which she hope to use in future to maximise her profit from the business. The family believes that with the continued support and trainings from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe and government ministries they are going to achieve a lot in the next few coming years. The also mentioned that if some of their community member embrace the ideas of Hand in Hand their community can become more better as witnessed in what they have achieved in these few years they have been working with the organisation. They went on to give praise to the organisation and encouraged members their came across to keep up the good work and better people’s lives.

Complied by

George T Baya

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