Slowly But Surely

If this program had come there around 1980, I tell you people would be far by now in terms of development — declared Mr Nyoni reflecting on the impact being made by the Job creation program.

Titus Nyoni is a married man aged 61. He stays with a total of 9 family members in Sabula village, Jibajiba ward. He met Hand in Hand in 2015 when it joined them in their Maliyethu SHG.

Mr Nyoni and family are into market gardening, carpentry and indigenous chickens production. Even if they were business minded before meet- ing with HIH, there was no meaningful progress and records keeping, there was no budgeting at all. HIH therefore equipped them with skills on saving, business records and marketing which has resulted in them being able to look for markets before producing anything.

I have now learnt to record everything down when doing business and we also know budgeting as a family. It is because of saving and budgeting skills

that we have build this 4 roomed house – ex- pressed Nyoni pointing to his newly built house.


Mr Nyoni revealed that they were afraid to take risks before but after the trainings, they are now able to take them and they have taught their children to do the busi- ness recored as well when selling vegetables in the fami- ly garden. On 29 September 2017, Titus sold 16 indige- nous chickens and 17 guinea fawls for a total cost of $218. Mr Nyoni revealed that they have 150 indigenous chickens.


I want to say to those out there that there is business in indigenous chickens including their eggs. If women in rural areas can work up every morning and care for the chickens, they can earn a living from them – concluded Nyoni.