Setting Up Yourself For Success

FROM the time 23-year-old Lilian Mabikwa joined the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, Motivated Entrepreneurship Youth project (MEY) she has managed to succeed in all her business endeavours.

Her exposure to the MEY project has indeed contributed in setting herself for success as she was one of the first members to access loans from the group fund to expand and diversify her income generating activities.

The loan has helped Lilian in expanding her buying and selling business.

Lillian was born on 02 May 1995 and grew up in Shurugwi district in ward 14 in Madiridza village where she spent most of her childhood. She did her primary education at Nhema primary school and attended secondary school at Svika high school in ward 14. She is married to Bright Fundira and has a 3-year-old daughter.

Through her engagement in the MEY Project, Lilian has managed to join the Mushamukadzi star club which comprises of six members who save money and disburse loans amongst each other.

In September this year, after saving at a rate of $5 per month each member walked away with a lump sum of $260.

Lillian is currently the club’s secretary and managed to go through all the three project training components on motivation, health and entrepreneurship.

Lillian displaying her certificate at a graduation in Ward 14

To her, the ISALs scheme has been a valued key in her business runnings as it is affording her and other group members readily available loans which they cannot access from banks and other financial institutions due to various reasons.

Lilian’s success story continues as she recently managed to apply for a passport so as to expand her business to cross border trading.

The youthful mother says she has worked with her husband and managed to buy two heifers and various household materials in a space of one year.

She says her mother in law has also been a source of inspiration in her entrepreneurship journey.

Lilian encourages aspiring business people in Shurugwi to join projects like MEY, be dedicated and work hard