Putting livelihood thinking into practice

To be successful, you have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart. It is well articulated by the graduation and business expo which was held in Ward 8 on the 21st of April 2017. They were five graduating SHGs namely: Wadzanai, Mukai, Simukai, Kushinga and Shingai. SHGs participated in this event to showcase and sell their products. The main objectives of this event were:


Mukai Group posing for a photo after receiving their certificates


Shingai group

To motivate entrepreneurs within SHGs on how to market and present their products to the local available market.

Testimonies from SHG members
SHGs members thanked Hand in Hand Zimbabwe for their support in entrepreneurship and technical skills they offered them for their development. The groups indicated that the traditional knowledge and talents they had has been developed to create useful skills as indicated above to improve their livelihoods at household and community level.
Mr Kwaramba from Kushinga SHG testified that at first he had a negative attitude towards the HiH programme offered. Later on he then decided to pay a visit on one of the training sessions offered by HiH, by listening attentively he came to appreciate and started practising the concepts to his benefit. He further indicated that if it was not for the trainings received he would not have been to where he is today. To date he managed to invest in his livestock and he managed to build a homestead. He also explained that the programme has lowered domestic violence because their living standards has improved through the equal participation of both parts in financial involvement which reduced dependency syndrome.

Mrs Ruvinga from Mukai SHG thanked HiH team for their support and motivation in improving their living standards in job creation so as to alleviate poverty. She explained that it is because of the trainings she received that made her venture into different enterprises to support her family and not only to wait on her husband’s support. However, she asked the team to come with other refresher courses because she indicated that learning is a process and it will enable the group to advance further.


The DA present thanked the organisation on its effort to support the government in helping community people by offering entrepreneurship skills which will advance their lives and improve the national economic blue print “ZIMASSET”. He explained that the method used by the organisation is permanent because it emphasises on individuals to be empowered in their socio-economic capacities.


Compiled by: Hazel Mhembere
Chikomba Field officer