Lindiwe Ndlovu Commends HiHZim support

Lindiwe Ndlovu, 59, from Ward 1 Bulilima District is full of praise and admiration for Hand in Hand Zimbabwe’s technical and moral support.
Before she came into contact with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in May this year, Ndlovu and her fellow Sivukile Self Help Group members did not reap benefits from their innovative Marula jam-making venture.
“Hand in Hand Zimbabwe trained us on effective ways to run a successful business,” she said.
“Before we were equipped with marketing strategies such as branding and packaging, we would just pick-up disposed containers and place Marula Jam inside without even labelling the containers, but now I can testify that our sales have greatly improved through the use of unique branding and packaging,” she added.
According to Ndlovu, all ten group members now earn as much as $300 per month from the Marula Jam sales. The neatly packed 500ml bottle costs $10.
“I’m enjoying financial freedom as I can now pay school fees from my youngest child and provide for my family without external support. I have four children who are out of the country but I don’t bother them anymore to send us money because I can now afford to cater for my family,” she said