HiHZim, a ray of hope for Hlanganani SHG

Prior to Hand in Hand Zimbabwe intervention, members of Hlanganani SHG were just a support group for People Living with HIV (PLWH). Hand in Hand Zimbabwe has helped the group members hone their business acumen. As a result of entrepreneurship training the group has managed to buy eleven cattle and nine goats”

Hlanganani SHG was formed in 2017 and is comprised of 9 women and 2 men. The group hails from Ngombane village in Sobendle Ward, Lupane District. The group which lacked business expertise was encouraged to join Hand in Hand Zimbabwe after noting progressive results from the already recruited groups.

After joining HIH Zim, the SHG then received modular trainings and then started saving $2 per month through ISALs which only lasted for 2 months before scaling up to saving $6. Within a period of a year the group members scaled-up their contributions from $6 to $10 and eventually $15 per month.

Hlanganani considered their health status and decided they needed to invest in capital assets, to guarantee inheritance for their children. The group concluded they needed to buy cattle for each member as cattle have potential to multiply. Each member was supposed to fundraise half of the asking price for their beast with the group providing the balance.

Within a year and a half (mid 2017 to end of 2018) the group had brought a beast for every group member. The same venture was adopted in 2019 and so far they have bought nine goats. Group members have heart-moving testimonies from their association with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe.

Sentiments captured from group members were “ISALS don’t work effectively and efficiently if money is not converted into assets, …… assets in the form of livestock is the possible best way to go in rural setup, our goats have already started reproducing and in no time our pens will be too small”.

The major stumbling block for this group was social segregation emanating from the group members’ health status. With social support and business trainings from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, the group surpassed community expectations. The group treasurs HiHZim for linking them with Agritex and Veterinary services as they have greatly supported Hlanganani by providing livestock technical knowledge.

The group is still daring; they intend to procure the best-of-breed-bull to improve their breed.  They also plan to venture into chicken production because of quick returns associated with the business. The group also want to grow and process their own livestock feed to supplement their livestock as recurring droughts have negatively eroded the livestock pasture.