Hand in Hand Zimbabwe changes widow’s fate

When Mrs Madhhuveko who lives in Dhlodhlo village in Shurugwi South tried many projects which did not work until she was linked up with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe.hen 65 year old Lydia Madhuveko’s husband died, she  had to bear the burden of taking care of her family since he had been the sole breadwinner.

Through Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, she joined the Limukani Ward 5 Self Help Group an all women cluster with 13 women of different age groups engaging in different types of enterprises.

Meeting Hand in Hand Zimbabwe inspired Mrs Madhuveko to use her hands more in order to sustain her livelihood. Her first business was making clay pots which she sold in her community. Madhuveko says that she had abandoned making clay pots as she assumed that people did not like them but upon receiving training in enterprise marketing from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, her interests in pottery was renewed.

Though Mrs Madhuveko had started engaging in pottery her prime objective was to keep layers. After making clay pots for a while she managed to raise $100 which she used to buy 25 broilers.  Mrs Madhuveko says other members of her Self Help Group were her pillar of strength as they constantly met to discuss their project progress.  After successful broiler keeping Mrs Madhuveko decided to venture in keeping chicken layers and she managed to buy 30 with her enterprise savings.

Mrs Madhuveko says that the enterprise training she is receiving from Hand Zimbabwe is an eye opener and is helping in her business endeavours.

She was impressed by the commodity cluster training which was done in her ward and she hopes again to be one of the front runners in the indigenous poultry production to enhance her entrepreneurial base.

Currently she gets almost 28 eggs a day from her layers which she sells in her community and has also managed to attract buyers from other wards in Shurugwi, some who travel long distances just to buy her eggs.

Mrs Madhuveko continues to engage in keeping and selling broilers, layers and road runners as this has helped her fend for her family.

As her enterprises are growing Mrs Madhuveko is now looking forward to building another shelter to house her broilers as the one she was using is now getting old. Mrs Madhuveko says that her enterprises are going on very well although they have dipped a bit due to the economic challenges that the country has been experiencing. But generally she sees brighter days ahead in her enterprises.

Hand in Hand Zimbabwe has managed to inspire her to be an achiever in her enterprises. She is now a beacon of hope to other widows in her village as she inspires them that they can manage to have a life even after they lose their spouses. Mrs Madhuveko’s aspirations are to be able to get a stand in Shurugwi town so that she can be able to fully market her wares as she stays far away from the town.

She believes that with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, she will reach greater heights in fully realising her enterprise potential.