Financial independence: Striving as a small business owner

Alice Mugodoki from Dangwa village in Ward 15 Chikomba District is a proud mother as she can now afford to take her eldest daughter to University from the financial independence she has gained through the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe business and Entrepreneurship trainings.

Her life changed when she joined Hand in Hand Zimbabwe under Tashinga B Self Help Group in 2016 and went through entrepreneurship modular trainings.

Mrs Mugodoki then borrowed money to start her business from Tashinga B where 10 members of the group contribute $20 per month.

She started buying products such as soap, cooking oil, blankets and clothes from South Africa for resale in her community.

In an effort to expand her savings base she joined a second group Chika Chika where members contribute $20 per month.

Her business grew immensely and she could now afford to pay school fees for her children and cater for other monetary responsibilities in her home.

“My business has done so well, I now own a beautiful house and I no longer depend on my husband who is unemployed.

“One of the reasons which prompted me to venture into entrepreneurship was the hope of sending my daughter to university but I now do it effortlessly.

Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in its entrepreneurship modular trainings has managed to empower Mrs Mugodoki in her entrepreneurial endeavours. Module 3 on opportunity identification and Enterprise planning has helped her plan for her enterprise well and now she has started going to Harare to acquire some of her products.

Module 2 on managing money helped her to manage her monies well as she now pays school fees for her children and food in the house.

Mrs Mugodoki, attests that the entrepreneurship trainings helped her in getting more income.

“I now earn approximately $500 as compared to around $200 per month which I used to get.

“My dreams and hopes are to ensure that my children get the best education so that they can have better lives,” she said.