Edwin’s story

For years, Edwin Chitera could barely take care of his family but thanks to Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, the 34-year-old from Mkandapi in Shurugwi can now provide food, shelter and take his three children to school.

After High school, Chitera enrolled at Kaguvi Vocational Training Centre where he majored in carpentry. and when he completed the course, he secured a carpentry contract in capital Harare.

However, despite working for eleven years there was nothing tangible to show that he had been working so Chitera decided to track back to his rural home in 2017 and opened a carpentry workshop at Mkandapi business centre.

The father of three established the carpentry shop specialising in making coffins, wardrobes, brick moulders, doors, kitchen units, Base Beds, TV stands, pushing trays and general repairs.

However, his business did not do well and came to a halt.

In January 2019, Chitera decided to join the Best Shooters Self Help Group who in turn encouraged him to undergo the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe business trainings under the Motivated and Entrepreneurial Project project.

“When I joined the MEY project under Best Shooters Star Club, I just wanted to give it a try and asses the kind of impact it would make in my life but when I started the trainings I realised that there was knowledge that I did not possess.

“I learnt how to manage money which used to be my major weakness. Through the trainings I also learnt how do identify the needs of the people and maximise on them,” he said.

Chitera said with the help of Hand in Hand Zimbabwe, his business has started blooming and he now makes at least 400 per month from his carpentry business adding that he gets up to 10 orders per week.

“I believe The trainings I underwent through Hand in Hand Zimbabwe will go a long way in helping me expand my business and provide a decent life for my family.

“My hope for the future in that I am able to buy capital machinery such as a table saw, electrical plain, electrical moulding machine. This will aid me in expanding production more because at the moment I am using manual labour which is costly and time consuming,” he said.