Dube not limited by age

Leonard Dube: Left

“A candle doesn’t lose its fire by lighting  up another.” True words of wisdom quoted from a  63 year old  Leonard Dube of  Sizimisele SHG in Ndwane Village in Jibajiba ward. He admits that he was naïve in terms of entrepreneurship  and business management  until HIH came through and lit up his business world. Dube States that before his contact with Hand in Hand he was just a mere farmer and a bad one for that matter as he had serious issues to do with general planning and budgeting and this  always affected his production markets and sales. Leonard also states that  before his contact with HIH he was very reckless  and didn’t know how to use the monies he got to his advantage as well as to grow them.

Dube However  boldly and proudly declared that ever since he joined Hand in Hand through the joining of  Sizimisele SHG he has seen significant changes in his life and the lives of those around him as this move has redeemed him from being the financial burden he had for long been to his children.  Amongst other things Dube has been able to buy a number of pigs and now owns and trades them as an enterprise. He has also been able to sell his excess  grain produce to GMB and make extra profits. Through the proceeds he gets from selling of his pigs and grain, Leonard says he has been able to build a house which is now at roofing level. ”Through our savings , we have a bank before we go to the bank he said”. Dube expressed his gratitude to the F.O  and E.D.F for the lessons he got and continues to get since the day he joined the Sizimisele SHG in April 2014, to him saving and lending schemes have always been an advantage and he has no regrets in being a part of this SHG and being a HIH J.C.P  beneficiary.

“I have also learnt to work hand in hand with other group members and l continue to enjoy shared responsibility with my  other  associates” he stated. Dube attests to the fact that the lessons he got from HIH have also  helped him live in harmony with other people in his community as he understands that they are all his potential clients. Dube, however also indicated that inasmuch as he has been in pig production for a while, he still needs to learn more about pig mass production and breeding so that he manages to improve his quality and quantities in production.  The interviewee in question also highlighted that in the future he hopes to raise his capacity supply from 15 pigs every six to seven months to the same number or even more per month. He also said that he wishes to be counted in the list of major pork suppliers  in all Lupane and even reach out to CSC Bulawayo and also supply Hwange and Victoria Falls as these places are his future target markets. Dube’s final words were words of advice and encouragement to  his  fellow community members  to join HIH SHGs as they are very beneficial in improving their lives and creating jobs , “little is much when Hand in Hand is in it, so they mustn’t be left out ” he said.