Courage Mungofa is a 28-year-old young born in Mutare in the year 1989. Courage is from village 16, ward 20 under Chief Chirumanzu, under Headman Mundure, and village head Mukonere. He got married in the year 2016 to his wife Rumbidzai Zaranyika and were blessed with one (1) baby girl. Courage attained his ‘O’ level and he hope to continue with education and pursue a profession with Zimbabwe Open University doing a Diploma in teaching.


He lives in a household of seven (7) members, four (4) males. The family’s homestead comprises of two (2) thatched huts and a two (2) roomed house. Courage wishes to extend the house so that it can accommodates all household members. Apart from his house development plans, Courage’s business plan is to fully expand his poultry production business with the building of a fowl run being the first step in mind.

Currently, Courage feeds his family with the main source of food being their farming produce from their farming piece of land. This hassled the family to have the standard three (3) meals per day. Having had an exotic chicken enterprise that gave him a monthly net income of $40.00, Courage wishes to resume that business so as to improve his household’s livelihood.

Courage approximately consumes $50.00 on household groceries, $10.00 on transport and communication and $20.00 on personal expenses such as soap and body lotion for himself and the family per month. In the last 12 months, Courage approximately used $40.00 on clothing and footwear (self and family), $180.00 on school fees and $140.00 on housing improvements.  The income was from the selling of maize from which Courage intends to diversify by having poultry enterprises and do value addition of the agricultural produces.


Voice of Courage

My name is Courage Mungofa and I am 28 years old. I am married to Rumbidzai Zaranyika and we have a baby girl. I live in Village 16, Ward 20 in Chirumanzu District. 

In September 2017, I was invited by a friend of mine to a Hand in Hand sensitization meeting at Moffart Centre. The manager explained the Hand in Hand background and the new project. I heard that the project focused on the youth and is called Motivated and Entrepreneurial Youth. It was also highlighted that the youth were the leading stars and the future of Zimbabwe.  I was inspired by the fact that Hand in Hand mentioned teaching youth about how to manage businesses. As someone with a business already, I felt this could help me learn more about business, gain skills and use them to improve what I was doing.

Soon after, I encouraged my family members to join in the Self Help Groups (SHGs) so that we could start on group savings.  I felt this would have a huge benefit to us as we have different business ideas but could be able to start them through borrowing and lending money within the group. I hope and believe that these teachings we will acquire and ISALs we have started on will help me enhance my enterprise to the next level, so that that I would be able to achieve my goals for the betterment of my family. At the moment our group comprises of six (6) members, two (2) females and the group name is Duguvic.  As for our savings, we agreed on $10.00 every month with a 10% interest on any amount borrowed.

My current plans are to drill a borehole, work on broiler production, have a piggery, have a productive garden and a shop. All these plans are to achieve my goals of food and income security. I hope and dream of extending my homestead, electrifying it and being able to cater for my family’s needs.


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