An emerging young entrepreneur: Tinashe Mugandani

Tinashe Mugandani is a 17-year-old young man who belongs to Kubatana Star Club in Chirumanzu, where he is one of the founding members. The club has eight members to date and has potential to grow. Tinashe had a difficult upbringing as he was reared by his mother following the death of his father at an early age.

The Mugandani family did not have it easy, as they struggled to get a decent meal and other basic necessities. Tinashe’s mother worked tirelessly to enable him to complete his secondary education at Chengwena Secondary School in 2017.

In an effort to assist his mother look after the family, he got himself employment at a local shop where he would sell commodities such as soap and cooking oil in the community. In 2017 Tinashe got introduced to Hand in Hand Zimbabwe by the Enterprise Development Facilitator (EDF). He became one of the earliest members of Kubatana Star Club. By then, the club members were only saving $2 per month and not every member could borrow from the savings since these were little. When he got trainings up to module 5 and having gained business experience from retailing, Tinashe asked his mother to lend him $30 as business capital in November 2017. He used the money to order 20 packets of jiggies and realised a profit of $10 within a week. By the end of 2017, which was just a two-month period, Tinashe had a net profit of $360. Off the profit, he gave himself a dividend of $140 that he used to help his family and the balance as capital for 2018. In 2018 February he managed to get a loan of $100 to scale up his business.

By mid-September 2018, Chengwena Secondary School offered him a contract to run a tuckshop after observing his business acumen and organisation. Since then, Tinashe is running his new enterprise effectively. He has exhibited business shrewdness from the trainings that he received from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. Tinashe has a fully stocked tuckshop (community grocery kiosk) and has diversified his businesses to include broilers.

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