Amazing Grace Star Club Flea Market Flourishing

Five young women in Chirumanzu have successfully set up an exceptional flea market at Chachacha  Growth Point in the district after receiving the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe Revolving fund through the MEY Project. 

After completing all the 6 modules on entrepreneurship,  health and motivation in 2018, the Amazing Grace Star Club decided to start a collective flea market business, they started  an Internal savings and lending scheme contributing $10 per month. 

The young women buy clothing supplies, footwear, jewellery, and toys from neighboring South Africa and Zambia for resale at the flea market which they have demarcated into five different stalls in order to accommodate all of them 

Since its inception in 2017, their business was however operating at a low scale until they registered with Hand in Hand Zimbabwe in 2018, got business training and received loans from the Hand in Hand Zimbabwe Revolving Fund. 

Each member received a total loan of $600 which they used to boost stock and grow their business. 

The group Chairperson, 35 year old Lisa Chibura says the intervention of the organization through entrepreneurship training and the Revolving Fund has contributed immensely on the growth of the flea market. 

Through the income they get from their business, the young women, can now afford to pay their school fees as all of them are studying.  

Lisa who is current the chairperson and one of the founding members of the club says she is  grateful for the support that she received in training on entrepreneurship from Hand in Hand Zimbabwe. 

“Members of the group are informed on how to run a business and this has improved the quality of our business venture.. 

We are also grateful for the Revolving Fund as it has immensely helped us, without the fund I have no doubt that we would have ceased operation,” she said. 

Lisa says she is now able to pay school fees for their three children, look after her parents and make a decent living through of the flea market business.  

“We have all employed one woman each at the  flea markets in a bid to empower other women. 

“We are grateful to Hand in Hand for the knowledge and loan facility that they have helped us with. Currently each group member is getting an average of $800.00 per month from sales,” she said. 

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